One Membership.
Many Benefits.

The metaverse for creators, collectors and community. Access to member-only PFP drops. Stake, earn, and yield $NFTG tokens.
Mint Membership


A limit of 10,000 NFTG Memberships are now available to mint. You can find our secondary marketplace on https://opensea.io/collection/nftg-memberships

Each Membership comes with a variety of benefits including the access to mint commissioned Profile Picture NFT collections. The membership cards themselves are NFTs that will level up as the community grows in size.

Gain access to upcoming high profile NFT Projects. One Membership, many NFTs.



Open the NFTG Yield Farm with 10 Liquidity Pools on QuickSwap


Open $100K bounty to commission a Profile Picture NFT Collection by a high profile artist

Additionally, we will open more NFTG bounties for the community to earn.


Add 100 ETH to Liquidity Pools on QuickSwap, SushiSwap, and other DEXs

200/10,000 Memberships will be minted to team wallet for community events, team members, and partnerships


Donate $50,000 to the Beneath the Waves:
a renowned nonprofit research institute focused on driving ocean health through cutting edge science and media. The organization focuses on the protection of shark, marine protected areas, and blue carbon. They are globally activated, with projects in 8 countries.


Launch the NFTGallery platform.
Full auction house rollout with exclusive drops from Members
+ Announce the partnerships with top artists and brands