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Stake LP Tokens to EARN

Farm opens after membership sales hit 20%

Stake LP tokens from QuickSwap and SushiSwap to earn $NFTG. If you want the farm to open, get a membership for you and your friends.
Launch Farm

Your Membership Helps everyone launch

A Premier Community Governed NFT Gallery

Fair Launch
Yield Farm

Everyone has access to earn $NFTG by staking QuickSwap LP tokens. Choose from your favorite token pairs to begin earning $NFTG.

1 Billion Max Supply

5% Harvestable During 9 Month Lock Up Phase

95% Distributed Over 27 Month Schedule

Decentralized Commissions

90% of gallery sales to creators, 10% to community.

Modular commission structures through community governance

NFTG DAO Governance

Our unique CGEN protocol enables bounty driven development. Community involvement is key to the NFTG ecosystem, we encourage engagement from every participant whether you’re staking tokens, voting on proposals, or creating NFTs.

Check bounties or suggest one in a proposal.

How NFTG works

Opportunities for everyone
DeFi Yield Farming

Step 1
Step 1
Stake LP Tokens
Provide liquidity to QuickSwap then stake your LP tokens in the NFTG farm to start earning.
Step 2
Step 2
Harvest $NFTG tokens
You can harvest 5% of your earnings any time. The remaining 95% will be distributed over time.
Option 1
Option 1
Create Proposals
Contribute to the protocol. New artists have to create a proposal to introduce themselves to the network.
Option 2
Option 2
Protocol Governance
Even if you can't afford your favorite creator’s NFT you can always vote on the future of the protocol with your $NFTG tokens.


Grand Opening
Grand Opening
Full launch of the NFT-backed community auction house Q4 2021.
Gallery Economy
Gallery Economy
Creators submit their NFTs to the gallery. $NFTG token holders vote to showcase featured contributors.
Community Events
Community Events
Grow the community and invite others to participate with the NFTGallery.

Learn how to
Yield Farm $NFTG

Put your digital assets to work. Provide liquidity to QuickSwap to get LP tokens, then stake those LP tokens in the NFTG farm to earn $NFTG tokens. It's that easy.
Earn more $NFTG by becoming a contributor. Contributors receive CGEN, an NFT that earns $NFTG tokens. Discover CGEN and learn more in the NFTG docs.

Learn how to
Yield Farm $NFTG

Put assets to work by providing liquidity to QuickSwap. In return you can stake those LP tokens to earn $NFTG. It's that easy.
For the beginners
You never farmed a token before, now's a good time to learn.
Advanced Strategy
Learn how to to find the best APY in the Farm
Community Support
Learn from your peers on the discord channel. Join the NFTG FAM
Earn Bounties by making videos or content to help others learn Discover NFTG on YouTube

NFTâ’Ľ Fair Launch

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